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Truth be told, we weren’t gurus at this when we started out. As a matter of fact, we were clueless and for the most part, it felt as though we were groping in the dark trying to get the right information to make the right purchase. And back then, when the tech had just been introduced to the market, there wasn’t much on it.

But first, how did we even get the interest to look into the bamboo pillows? Well, like everyone else, you included, we were searching for a solution to the neck pains we had all so often and a product that did not attract dust to itself causing nasal blockages throughout the night. In our search for the best pillow, we came across bamboo pillows which seemed, no scratch that, which were the God sent solution to our problem.

Fast forward a couple of months, after experiencing a new found heaven, and realizing there was an information void in the market, we started our research on all types of bamboo pillows with varying features and for all kinds of sleepers. But what honestly, we weren’t prepared for the thousands of products there was in the new product.

Over the years, we have tried and tested numerous pillows, some of which were great and some of which were below our expectations. This is however expected in a diverse market seeking to meet the ever growing demand. Here at Bambooverse, we, however, have decided to focus our efforts on recommending only great products that will meet the very need you have.

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Seeing that you are reading this, there ae high chances that you are not okay with your current sleeping pillow and are looking for an upgrade. Or probably you are a staunch environmentalist looking for a pillow that will help you further your course in keeping the world a better place to live in.

Lucky for you, we have covered the basics and gone even deeper to explain the intricacies involved in the features that make these bamboo products the bomb. So while you are here, check out our blog where we have covered the tips, news and reviews of the products worth checking out.

The blog is divided into the below sections:

  1. Best bamboo pillows of 2017
  2. Top Bamboo Sheet reviews
  3. Bamboo Mattresses Reviews