Bambillo Pillow Review

There has been a lot of confusion on this particular product for a while now. We are here, however, to set things straight. Simply put, Bambillo is a shredded memory foam pillow that has a cover made from Viscose, a bamboo extract. According to ads that have been doing rounds, Bambillo is an adjustable pillow that has been designed to adjust to the sleeper, size, shape and even sleeping posture. The Bambillo will support your neck and spine in perfect alignment ensuring that you wake up fresh and fit to take on the new day’s tasks.

Our Review

Truth be told, we humans are in constant search of items and events that will provide us with great pleasure and peace. That said, great sleep is a must for everyone, and especial those who work hard. We always are hoping, and so far this hope has manifested, that if and when we get the best sleep we shall be in a position to take on the world and all the challenges that it throws our way. It is for this reason that many of us are obsessed in getting the best pillow on the market. A pillow that will help you catch on to that so elusive sleep.

But Bambillo, a new and unique product from Ontel corporation is here to the rescue. TriStar Products LLC is the official distributors of the Bambillo pillow.

The research we have performed shows that the Bambillo pillow is a cheaper alternative to the many Bamboo pillows available on the market. Many of the bamboo pillows are priced above $50 while the Bambillo is at about $23 give or take a few dollar depending on the time of your reading this article. At this price, the allure of Bambillo is so inviting. However, many are skeptical about buying into it given the fact that the company is relatively new. However, before you make your mind to buy this pillow, we recommend you to also read our buyers guide for Bamboo pillows where we have tested various other pillows and written an in-depth guide.


Bambillo vs Bamboo Pillow: Are Bamboo pillows different from Bambillo?

This is a question many have. We have been bombarded with this several times over. The confusion stems from the fact that the Bambillo is advertised and packaged as an entirely different product in the market. Also, many reviews online looking to answer this question see to suggest that the two are very different.  I, however, after some days of research and testing out the Bambillo and other Bamboo pillows believe that there is no difference between the two. Bambillo pillows are Bamboo pillows only with a fancy packaging to reel in the customers – which seems to be working great for them.


Bambillo Features

Great support

Being a memory foam pillow, Bambillo will provide you with perfect alignment of your neck and spine. You will wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated with no pains and aches whatsoever.


As a result of the use of bamboo fibers, the pillow works to help those suffering from allergies. The natural elements provide relief from allergies caused by bacteria and fungus.

Supports persons of all sizes and sleeping positions

Being a memory foam pillow, the pillow will conform to your size, shape as well as sleeping position. Whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach, the pillow will provide you with the comfort and rest you deserve.

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