Guide to the Best Bamboo Sheets and Bedding

Bamboo sheets have in the recent past risen to fame and glory like no other product in the market and for good reasons. For one, they are way softer than linen and cotton, are natural and truth the told, they tap into the curiosity of many persons. How can bamboo, a hard plant be used to make a product that is so soft and with so many benefits?  How can a product used in the making of fence posts, furniture, flooring, and scaffolding be used to make excellent bedding?

Well, there is a lot of science that go into their creation that we stay away from. What we will, however, concentrate on is the fact that bamboo sheets and beddings exist and that not all of them are the same. Their difference is significant and can make the difference between having the best time of your life or the worst. Simply put, you need to make the right choice when it comes to choosing the best bamboo bedding, bamboo pillows and sheets.

Starting our guide are some of the top bamboo sheets and beddings available on the market.


Reviews of the Top 5  Bamboo Sheets and Beddings

1.Cariloha Crazy Soft Resort Sheets

caroliha sheets

Many have gone ahead to refer to these sheets as bad boys. Not because they have anything negative about them per se, but because of how great they are that the quality and performance is undeniable by all who have the luxury and opportunity to sleep on them. These sheets feel and even look soft, I dare say, their softness is comparable to a baby’s bum and we all know how soft these are. The level of softness is just as advertised and nothing short of what you would expect. But before you start getting it all twisted, these sheets have a whole lot more to offer than just their softness.

They are made from 100% Viscose material. This material is perfect in giving a cooling effect. Sleeping with these sheets is just like having your very own sheet designed air conditioning system. They are designed to wick moisture and breathe naturally. To make all this clear to you, let’s use figures. The sheets are said to be 3 degrees cooler than the cotton sheets you are used to.

In addition to this, the unit is clean given its natural ability to repel all allergens and odors. If you have any allergies of skin irritation condition, you can be sure that these sheets will in no way excite them like many chemically treated and constructed fabrics do.

Last but not least, the fact that these are bamboo products, they are green and help to save the environment. If you are an environmentalist, then you should, with your eyes closed pick this unit from the sea of products on the market.


2. Ultra Soft Bamboo Sheet Set by ExceptionalSheets

These bamboo sheets, no kidding are arguably the most comfortable and softest there is on the market. These sheets will make getting back home to your bed something you look forward to the moment you get up and prepare for work or school. Some users have gone on to say that the units are way softer than cotton, cashmere, and even silk. How incredible is that? And the best part is that the sheets have been made from Rayon a product of Bamboo. The Rayon gives the sheets the ability to breathe over summer when the sun is not and keeps you warm during winter. The temperature control that these sheets have gives the air-conditioning products a run for their money.

Other than that, however, these bamboo sheets are perfect for individuals who have skin allergies. Being a chemical free unit, the sheets will not excite any allergies that you may have. If anything, the sheets will help to protect you from allergens courtesy of the antistatic property that they feature. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a great night sleep and get up feeling revitalized and refreshed.

The offer on these sheets gets even better since they come with a guarantee. In the event you are not impressed by the feel and working of the sheets, you can ship them back and request a full refund. This guarantee goes to show just how serious the manufacturing company is about the quality of the product as a whole.


3. LINENSPA Ultra Soft Luxury 100% Rayon from Bamboo Sheet Set

Believe it or not, picking this product will feel just like treating yourself to a 5-star hotel. The brand is a new entrant in the market but one that is creating major waves, so much so that it has earned a spot in our top five listing. The best thing about this product is the fact that it comes with all the bamboo benefits you find in many top-tier products and goes for an affordable price – a cheaper price.

The sheets are made from Rayon Bamboo which provides a silky soft feel to the product and is breathable. Not only is the product soft and smooth, it also is hypoallergenic which is perfect for those individuals who have sensitive skin. You will not go to sleep and wake up to a skin laden with red rashes that were not there the previous night.

The sheets have been designed complete with temperature regulating abilities and best of all, the sheets wick up moisture keeping you dry throughout the night. In addition to this, the sheets are a perfect and secure fit on mattresses that have depths of up to 14 inches. The product comes in queen size sheets that include a flat sheet and a fitted sheet and 2 queen size pillowcases.

Last but not least, the bamboo used on these sheets makes them antimicrobial and sustainable – the perfect green sheets on the market.


4. MALOUF 100% Rayon from Bamboo Sheet Set – 4-pc Set – King – Ash

Slave away for your money and live like a king. This is the motto that you should live by if you are not already. The one item that you can purchase that can make you feel like royalty is this Malouf bamboo sheets. The sheets have been made from Rayon a product of bamboo which makes these units super soft and silky. Add to this the fact that these units are naturally resistant to odors and are hypoallergenic with that, you will not suffer from allergic reactions that keep you awake all night. If your skin is super sensitive, then you have to get this fabric.

The unit has deep pockets and guarantees a perfect fit for mattresses that have a width of between 6 to 22 inches


5.BedVoyage 100-Percent Bamboo-Derived Rayon Bed Sheet Set

At first glance, the unit may not look as much, but I guess that’s why we are warned against judging a book by its cover. These sheets are just as great as any other on the market. if anything, These units bring their A game and make the top grossing units work for their top spots.

The product has been made from 100% bamboo viscose that is imported. The sheets are super soft and have a whopping 300 thread that feels as though it is a 1000 thread-count. The sheets have been designed complete with moisture-wicking comfort and have a thermal regulating ability to keep your temperature just right to enjoy a good night sleep.

The deep pocket from this product measures 18 inches high and 78 inches by 80 inches for the top sheet. This set includes a top sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases.


Advantages of Bamboo Sheets

So now that you know the top products in the market that you should strive to get, the question is, what do you stand to gain from these sheets? Why not just buy the normal cotton or silk sheets and get an air conditioner instead? Well, below are a bunch of reasons why you should not get anything else aside from bamboo sheet sets for your bed.

  • Organic and Eco-friendly

The earth, scientists say that is on a self-destruct time bomb. A time bomb that we have created and that we are constantly adjusting the time on bringing the fateful explosion day closer. We are our own worst enemies they say. And when you think about it, we truly are. Bamboo sheets and products as a whole are generally some of the products that you can purchase to help make a better earth and at least help stop the deterioration if not repair it.

Bamboo is one of the earth renewable natural resource. When the bamboo is harvested, the roots remain intact. As such, new bamboo trees grow in place of the harvested ones in no time. The fact that bamboo can be thinned and pruned adds to the reason why they are perfect and why getting yourself a bamboo product – bamboo sheets is the best choice.

  • Toxin-free

If you are to purchase bed sheets that will allow you to have a perfect night’s sleep, you at least need to be sure that the material of the sheets is not laden with chemicals that may pose a threat to your allergies or general health as a whole. Sure many of these products are tested and approved by the relevant authorities to be safe to use, but you just can never be too sure. Bamboo sheets are natural and made from plants that are grown free of pesticides and any other potentially harmful products.

  • Comfortable sleeping temperatures

Bamboo sheets have the benefit of being able to wick moisture as well as being breathable. Unlike the regular sheets that you might have been used to in the past, bamboo sheets will help to keep you warm during the cold nights and considerably cold during the hot nights. Owning a bamboo sheet will be just like having a futuristic, thin and soft air conditioner that you can cover yourself with.

The wicking property of the product allows it to draw out the moisture away from the body thus providing a cooling effect.

  • Antimicrobial characteristics

Studies have been conducted by experts in the industry and a conclusion reached that the bamboo sheets possessing germ-resistant qualities tend to outlast many of the other sheets and products on the market in the health category. Contrary to the stand taken by the FTC previously, bamboo sheets fall in the antibacterial category without any doubt.

  • Stain resistant

In addition to the sheet’s ability to fight off bacteria, bamboo sheets are also able to fight off stains. This benefit also extends to being able to ward off stains that are from oily skin.

  • Mite resistant

Sheets created from bamboo are also designed to be resistant to dust and bed mites. They do this better than any other man-made product on the market. With this alone, bamboo sheets are worth investing in without needing any convincing. Users who have had the luxury to use bamboo sheets rave of how they never had to fight with symptoms that included itching and sneezing.

  • Soft and extremely comfortable

The number one reason why most people even give these sheets a second look is the claim of being super soft – a claim that they have proven to be true time and time again. No amount of washing and drying can take away this property. They will never turn coarse. They tend to retain their silky nature for a longer period thus protecting your body from unnecessary discomfort.

Factors to Consider When Buying Bamboo Sheets

In theory, shopping for bamboo sheets is easy. But when you actually get into it, you realize that there is a whole lot of things that you will need to consider. If you will find the need to consider other products not listed on the list, below is the choosing criteria that you should use.

  • Material

Yes, all bamboo sheets are made from the same product. However, the different sheets undergo different manufacturing processes and this makes all the difference since it yields the different bamboo sheet types available on the market today.

It is not uncommon to see bamboo sheets that have been labeled as being 100% Rayon from Bamboo. This only means that these sheets are designed from a Rayon fabric that is a product of the bamboo plant. It is important to say Rayon from bamboo since Rayon can also be from cotton as well as other plants.

Tencel Bamboo is also very common. These have been produced in a more environmentally friendly chemical process.

In addition to this, there is also bamboo linen which may not be as soft as the other units but is just as beneficial. Think of it as being processed in the same way as cotton linen and prone to just as many wrinkles as the cotton.

There are also some bamboo sheets that come with bamboo and cotton blends. As such, be sure to read the packaging label carefully to ensure that the sheets you are purchasing are 100% bamboo bedsheets.

The process involved in manufacturing each of these types is complex and needs a whole piece on its own. We shall not get into it on this one.

  • Weave

Just like with other fabrics like cotton, bamboo fibers as well are usually woven into many different ways that affect the final look, feel and even performance of the sheets as a whole. There are bamboo sheets that feature a Sateen weave and there are those that have a Twill weave. The Twill weave is a standard weave that is used on many of the bamboo sheets you will come across on the market while the Sateen weave will make the sheets feel even softer, silkier and much more luxurious.

It goes without saying that the Sateen weave bamboo sheets tend to fetch a higher price than the normal Twill weave. But while the Twill weave may not be as luxurious as the sateen, it tends to last longer.

  • Colors

Honestly, it is always great for you to have different color options. While white is great, you should open yourself up to other colors as well. Generally, bamboo sheets come in a standard white, either cream or off white. However, there also are some color ranges that you might want to look into ranging from stone grays to browns and spa like blues. All of which can make your bed and bedroom feel and look like a luxurious hotel.

  • Care

While many consider the bamboo sheets as being durable, you will want yours to remain in good shape by taking great care of them. Caring for them in the right way will ensure that the unit serves you for longer with the benefits that it came with initially. It is recommended that you always follow the care instructions that come with the sheets. More on how to care for sheets below.


How To Properly Care For Your Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets, regardless of the material used and the weave, are high quality and should be treated as such. Washing bamboo sheets in the right way will help them to last for longer and retain their original resilience and softness. Understanding just how you should do the washing is important to helping you maintain as well as enjoy the sheets in the future.

Below are some important tips on how to care for your sheets and retain their luxurious feel

Use cold water

Just as it is the case with many of the fine fabrics on the market, bamboo sheeting tends to respond best to washing with cold water. The result of cold washing is just as good as washing with hot water, only without the deterioration that the heat from the water causes. There is, however, one exception from this rule; after you have made the purchase, you should wash your sheets in hot water once. This is of course unless the sheets have been preshrunk. Using hot water will help the units to shrink to size as was intended.

Dry gently

Honestly, the sun is the most drying process there is. But if the sun is not an option in your part of the world, or depending on the prevailing season, then you should, by all means, make use of alternative methods. Just make sure that the alternative methods are gentle and will not cause your bamboo sheets to reduce in quality.

Combine all colors that are related

This is probably a rule that goes for all colored fabrics and not just bamboo fabrics. Cleaning related colors together will help to avoid what many refer to as color bleeding and unsightly stains. You should never throw in white fabrics with the colored fabrics.

Avoid washing using rough materials

Throwing in your soft bamboo sheets in the washing machine with rough products may cause the bamboo fabric to peel as well. Do not risk reducing the quality of your bamboo sheets in this way.

Do not use softeners

Bamboo sheets are already so soft. As such, they do not need additional help to be soft. Save your money and do not get a fabric softener for your bamboo sheets.

Use natural stain removers only

Treat all stains on your bamboo sheets with natural cleaners that are devoid of all harsh chemicals. For instance, for a bloodstain, soak it in pure hydrogen peroxide before you wash the sheet. A mild combo of water and vinegar can also be a great stain remover. Several drops of castile soap mixed with baking soda and borax provide for a non-toxic, gentle yet effective stain remover as well.

Finding Ideal Bamboo Sheets

If you are wondering just where to get your bamboo sheets, you will be pleased to note that there are a host of different online stores ready that make available these sheets. However, you will notice that the above-listed products are from Amazon. Amazon provides all relevant information about the product from unique features to measurements and important user reviews.

When buying bamboo sheets, or anything else, the very best are the first units that you will fall madly in love with. When you have that love at first sight moment, ensure that the sheets meet the above-listed criteria. Be sure of the material and also weave used.


Best Bamboo Pillow reviews -Sleep well in 2017

Research shows that human beings spend close to a third of their lives in asleep. This much we can agree on. Also, it is this third of our lives that determines the quality of the other two-thirds that we all seem to value. That said, the choice of the pillow you will purchase is important. You do not want to wake up in the morning with a stiff neck and irritable. But the good news is that you can avoid that stiff neck, nerve pain and other conditions as a result of wrong pillow choice.

Technology has come a long way. Today’s market is flooded with pillows, differing in size design and most importantly engineering which makes all the difference. There are cushions that help alleviate allergies and those that will regulate the temperature bound to build up as you cuddle in your bed. Since you are looking to have the best night sleep, settle for nothing less than the best. For this, consider bamboo pillows, bamboo sheets, and mattresses.

Bamboo pillows are designed to regulate temperature (think of them like natural air conditioners). They will keep you warm in winter and cool during the summer heat. To say the least, they are the perfect pillows for comfort and durability. Have a look at the below guide and bamboo memory foam pillow reviews to make the best pick.

5 of the Best bamboo pillows

PictureProduct name PriceOur rating
Original shredded memory foam pillow Read review$4.9
Snuggle Pedic bamboo shredded memory foam pillowRead review$4.6
Original Shredded Memory Foam Body PillowCOOP Shredded Memory Foam Body Pillow with Bamboo Derived Viscose RayonRead review$4.6
My Stunning Abode Memory Foam Neck Pillow with Contoured SupportRead review$4.7
miracle bamboo pillowMiracle bamboo pillow Read review$4.0


Expert Bamboo pillow reviews:

The Original Shredded Memory Foam Body Pillow with Viscose Rayon Cover derived from Bamboo:

Original Shredded Memory Foam Body Pillow

Quality mattresses and toppings are just some of the ingredients for a comfortable night’s sleep. They are however nothing without a great pillow for support and alignment. This memory foam pillow from Cope Home Goods is perfect for this. It has in the recent years gained a lot of popularity for its quality and effectiveness. But don’t just take our word for it – here is the proof of its effectiveness.

From its name, you can clearly tell it is filled with memory foam which takes the form of your body when you are sleeping. The quality of the memory form used in this product is controlled by CertiPUR-US. They ensure that the quality is through the roof and devoid of heavy metals including lead and mercury, free of  TCEP, TDCPP and PBDEs among other harmful substances.

As if that’s not enough, it comes with a Viscose Rayon cover which is made from bamboo. Now bamboo is a natural and renewable resource that is perfect for making pillows. It features hypoallergenic and anti-microbial properties making it perfect for allergy sufferers.

As for cleanliness, the entire pillow is machine washable – what more could one ask for?


Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Kool

snuggle pedic pillow

Aren’t you just tired of waking up in the middle of the night feeling a little too warm or too cold for comfort? If you are, then the Snuggle Pedic pillow is the one for you. It has been designed to make an impression. Its quality and comfort are unrivaled by many pillows in its price range. It makes use of the latest technology in the market to offer you cool comfort.

Its special Kool-Flow cover has been design from a perfect blend of polyester, Lycra and bamboo. It features micro vents for perfect air circulation helping the body to cool down as the heat builds up during the night. The bambuseae in the cover absorbs all the moisture and sweat reducing the chances of bacteria growth.

In its insides, it features shredded memory foam which are super soft and evenly distributed providing superior comfort. The shreds work perfectly than solid sheets of foam since they maximize air flow and improve on the shape ability.

The pillow is perfect for pregnancy support and much more.


Clara Clark Rayon made from Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

clara clark bamboo pillow

Snoring is to a great extent affected by the angle of your neck during sleep. When your spine and neck are in perfect alignment, you don’t snore. This is the science that many companies solving the snoring problem use.

Now instead of getting a dedicated snore reliever, get this pillow and kill two birds with one stone.  Get rid of the neck pains you wake up to every morning and snoring all at once. If you are wondering how it does this, here is how.

It comes with memory foam – shredded memory foam which increases and improves the comfort you get. The memory form will take up your body form regardless of your sleeping style. The shreds are fine and do not form any lumps. With this support, you will not experience neck and back pains or even migraines.

In addition to this it comes with a removable bamboo cover. It has dust mite resistant and antibacterial properties. It is also hypoallergenic and can be machine washed – what more could one ask for?


Miracle Bamboo Original Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

miracle bamboo pillow

If you are new to this whole bamboo body pillow thing, you should probably get used to hearing this name a lot more often. The manufacturers of Miracle Bamboo pillow have perfected their art in providing quality. Instead of down feathers, it has shredded memory foam in its insides providing a soft design assuring you better sleep through the night. The thing about memory foam is that it has the ability conform to your sleeping position. And the fact that it is shredded means that you will not have to endure it forming uncomfortable lumps on one side of the pillow. Your neck and spine will be in perfect alignment with this pillow.

In addition to this, it comes with a bamboo fabric. Now you probably are wondering why this is such a big deal. Well, the fabric has hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties which are perfect if you are prone to allergies.



Improved Design – Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Viscose Rayon Cover derived from Bamboo

This shredded memory foam pillow is perfect for side sleepers. Not only is it firm but also thick. As such it will not flatten as you turn and toss in the night. Side sleepers are most vulnerable to neck pains due to the space left between the neck and the mattress. It bends the neck misaligning it from the spine resulting in pain. The memory foam in the pillow is useful in filling up this space providing support out of this world.

If you are the kind who believes in certifications, you will be glad to note that it is CertiPUR-US certified. With this certification, you can rest assured that they make use of the highest quality foam there is in the market providing you with value for your money.

In addition to the memory foam used to provide a firm and spongy feel, it also comes packing a new and improved airflow technology which regulates its temperature throughout the night for added comfort.


Hotel Comfort Bamboo Covered Memory Foam Pillow

hotel comfort bamboo pillow

If you have been to a five-star hotel, you know why they are so expensive. The service you get is exemplary and the comfort is heavenly. The mattresses and the pillows feel as though they have been custom made for your needs. Well, they are – just not in the way you think.

The sleeping needs for human beings are similar. To sleep like a baby throughout the night, the temperature and comfort needs to be just right. There are not many cushions in the market that can provide you with these two conditions. But while there are not many options, there are pillows that will do you great justice – bamboo pillows. And one of the very best in this category is the Hotel Comfort Bamboo Covered Memory Foam Pillow.

To start us off, its cover is made from an exemplary blend of polyester and bambuseae. The bambuseae helps it regulate the temperature by increasing air flow in the pillow while the polyester helps to keep allergies at bay. This cover boasts of long life even in constant wash.

At its core is shredded memory foam which is consistent throughout the cushion providing even comfort and balance while you sleep. Your spine and neck cannot help but align. With this pillow, you will never complain of a stiff neck or migraines.

Many hotel comfort bamboo pillow reviews are available having nothing but praise for the product.


What is a bamboo memory foam pillow?

Now that we have the best reviews jotted down in aid of you choosing the very best for your sleep comfort, we should probably have a deeper look at what makes these bamboo pillows the best there is. Why is everyone ranting about them? Why are doctors recommending them for sleep related issues? Are they just gloried cushions or do they indeed live up to the hype they have created on all media platforms? In this next section, we shall seek to answer these questions and more. To start us off, what are bamboo pillows?


What are bamboo pillows?

Truth be told, when you hear the term bamboo, vivid and clear images of woody plants on a tropical island somewhere on the vast ocean pop into your head. Sure enough, these are what bamboo plants are. But what you might not know is that these bambuseae plants have commercial benefits and applications. There are those that use them for culinary paper, others for timber and others still for fabric which is both natural and soft. Speaking of soft, there isn’t any product in the market today that is softer than bambuseae. This is probably because it is harvested naturally and free of chemicals and pesticides. Just in case your mind shifts to cotton, you should note that cotton is grown with the use of pesticides and other chemicals to ensure a bountiful harvest. Bamboo is eco-friendly and renewable.

Why are they good for you?

Bamboo pillows are made of a bamboo fabric on its exterior and features SHREDDED memory foam on the inside. Stress is put on the word ‘shredded’ since many other pillows feature solid chunks of memory foam. The solid chunks are uncomfortable and accumulate in heat causing discomfort. Shredded memory foam, on the other hand, is natural and breathable – they are natural air conditioners.

Types of bamboo pillows

Bamboo cushions come in different types differing in design and technology. The contents and materials used to design it are however the same. Some of the main types of bamboo pillows include bamboo pocket, quilted and box pillows.

The bamboo pocket (as you get from its name) features smaller pockets on its surface. It is a luxury pillow that features a responsive technology ensuring maximum support.

Bamboo quilted is probably the softest of the three types in the market. It features a low loft that makes it ideal for individuals who love to sleep with more than one cushion or those who prefer sleeping on their back.

Bamboo box pillows have a more boxy design than other pillows. They offer firmer support than the other types.


Tips for choosing the best bamboo pillow

There are several factors that you will have to put into consideration when you are choosing the right pillow. These factors include the filling, the sleeping position, the height, shape, comfort and feel. But here is the thing, in this guide; we are not looking to choose just any kind of pillow but a bamboo pillow. So in addition to the above factors, many of which have been iterated all over the internet, you ought to consider the below factors.


  • Natural characteristic

Earlier on in this guide, we looked at what bamboo pillows are and we saw that their covers are made from bamboo and contain shredded memory foam inside. Technology has however come a very long way. Today, entrepreneurs are able to mix the bamboo fabric with other products. Blended to the right percentages, this can be an added advantage or a total disaster reducing the overall quality of the bambuseae pillow itself. Before you make a purchase you should ensure that the manufacturer used the right amount of bambuseae manufacturing the cover. You can tell by playing around with it in your hands for several minutes.

  • Is hypoallergenic

This is a natural characteristic of bamboo fabric. However, with manufacturers adding their own twist to these cushions, you have to keep a watchful eye on the pillow that you will choose. Ensure that it does not have additives of heavy metals of any other toxic chemicals.

It should be clean enough to be used by a child.

  • Anti-bacteria

Bamboo has a unique ability to keep off and resist bacteria – a feature that many other products cannot boast about. It does not absorb any dust or mites. This is how it is able to guarantee great comfort and sleep for all.

Advantages and health benefits

  • Comfort

This just had to top the list. Bamboo pillows come with shredded memory foam. This foam has memory in that it can conform to your neck and head perfectly and later on revert back to its original shape. You will turn and toss less at night when you have such great support and comfort. It alleviates migraines and stiff necks.

  • Perfect for alleviating snoring

spine and neck aligned Snoring occurs when your neck and head are out of good balance. The air passage gets constricted causing the snoring. Bamboo pillows however, with their great support, align the head, neck, and spine helping to get rid of the sleep apnea or snoring that you are so embarrassed about.




  • Cool

Bamboo is a natural air condition system. It features micropores which allow for perfect air circulation into the interior of the pillow. The shredded memory foam further improves on the breathability of the cushions helping to regulate the temperature all through the night.

  • Durability

Needless to say, bamboo is hardy. Bamboo pillows can last up to 6 years with normal use. If you take great care of the cushion, it can serve you for even longer.

  • Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic

Both the bamboo and the memory foam are hypoallergenic. This is an important feature for those who suffer from allergies. With bamboo pillows you need not worry of fungus or bacteria; they are safe.

If you are one looking to save the earth from itself, get yourself a bamboo pillow and you will be playing a big part in saving the world.

  • Easy to clean and maintain

Bamboo pillows are probably the easiest to clean. They can be put into a washing machine and dried in a dryer. Manufacturers recommend that they are washed after every six months. The fact that they are light and breathable makes them perfect to be washed as a whole.

  • The fabric absorbs moisture

The bamboo fabric absorbs the moisture keeping you dry through the night as well as neutralize the unpleasant odors that may develop over time. Your pillow will smell fresher for longer with minimal effort from you.

Keep an eye out for impostors!

These impostor pillows look very much the same but they feel different. Watch this video to learn how you can spot fake pillows.


Taking care of your bamboo pillow

While manufacturers have given them a lifespan of 5- 6 years, it all depends on the care you will give to it. If you are extra careful, it could last for even longer. To ensure your bamboo pillow serves you for an extended period of time, below are some tips to follow.

The first time you receive your bamboo pillow, you should give it a few days (1-2 days) for it to assume its normal size and shape.

You should, by all means, avoid puncturing the pillow. Puncturing it will cause it to lose some of the desirable features it comes with.

Give the bamboo breaks in between your sleep for it to breath. Air it out for up to 24 hours for it to get rid of all its odors as the air circulates within and cleans itself out.

Most of the bamboo pillows come with removable covers. While you are washing the cover, set the washing machine to warm and tumble dry it on low heat. The cushion itself is hand washable and should be air dried. Though there are the few that can be machine washed as a whole.


Bamboo pillows are the best gift nature has given in recent times to help with sleep. Take full advantage of it and be ever more productive in your many responsibilities.