Green Coffee Capsules Created to Rival George Clooney’s Aluminum Capsules

Halo coffee capsules

For all coffee lovers who are coincidentally, activists (even though not proactive ones) of a green world, will love the green coffee capsules that were launched to possibly replace the aluminum Nespresso types that are recommended by the Hollywood actor, George Clooney.

These new capsules, green capsules are a product of Halo, a startup company that is intent on making an impact in the coffee industry. One of the founders of Halo, Nilo Leonard went on record to state that the company, Halo, believes that many of the big league companies in the coffee industry are not doing enough to help fight the waste piling up daily. He went on to say that if they did not do anything, Halo most definitely will.

It is for this very purpose that the company has created green capsules that are compatible with Nespresso machines that are promoted by George Clooney. These green capsules are made from a perfect blend of fibers including paper and bamboo.

Given the ingredients, the capsules biodegrade fast – in 90 days. The aluminum capsules, however, can take anywhere between 150 to 200 years to biodegrade. While the units take eons to biodegrade, the energy that goes into their production and refinement is profound. The aluminum capsules are made from raw bauxite through a process that produces lots of toxic wastes.

And while the aluminum capsules have been designed to be recycled, many use the 3g pods only once and dispose of them. The impact they have on the environment is as such profound and had many individuals including council chiefs in Germany and Hamburg concerned – so much so that they banned the use of aluminum capsules from their offices.

The Halo biodegradable capsules include kop luwak blend, which is the ultra-premium coffee that has been derived from palm civet droppings which feed on the beans.

Three Mountain Special Edition is yet another expresso blend that includes Kilimanjaro, Kenyan, Nepalese Himalayan and Colombian Andean beans perfectly blended together.

According to Halo, 39,000 coffee capsules are produced the world over every 60 seconds and a total of 29,000 are trashed. Doing the math, this is equal to about 20 billion capsules made of either plastic or aluminum produce yearly which is enough to be lined along the circumference of the earth 14 times.

According to Nespresso, the key to having your coffee remain fresh is to ensure that it does not come into contact with oxygen. Having the coffee in an aluminum pod is probably the most effective way of ensuring this.

In the UK, 22% of households have a coffee pod machine. In 2016, upwards of 112 million pounds worth of these coffee pods were sold in the UK which was an increase by 1/3 from the year 2014.

With these projections, by 2020 the sales are believed to skyrocket and be higher than that of tea bags. When the sales increase, the pollution solution will worsen. But Nespresso maintains that they are actually a green option since they are creating products that can be recycled.

You also should note that going green is not cheap. While Nespresso capsules go for either 30p or 40 p each, the green pods from Halo fetch a cool 1 pound.



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