What you need to know about Bamboo Bicycles

bamboo-bikeBamboo bikes make an interesting topic, especially now that we know that bamboo is a grass and not a wood. So, you must be thinking “What! Bikes can be made of grass, wow!” well since there are bikes made from bamboo, we can agree that bikes can be made from grass. Bamboo bikes are unique and fun to ride on but they are certainly not made for everyone. In this article, we are going to look deeper at bamboo bikes and help you figure out if a bamboo bike could be a great option for you.


So, let me introduce you to bamboo bikes

Why build a bamboo bicycle

A bamboo bicycle is a gift to the environment. Bamboo is a great material, eco-friendly and an incredible material for building bicycles. Bamboo bicycles are also handcrafted and customized to every individual rider’s needs. Bamboo has been used to make a number of popular items in the market and someday, bamboo bicycles will be quite popular as they are an exemplary invention.

What you need to know about Bamboo

  1. Bamboo is a natural and renewable resource.
  2. Due to a distinctive rhizome-dependent system, bamboos are one of the fastest-growing plants in the world and their growth is three times faster than most other species of plants. When you cut a bamboo grass, you are actually aiding to grow wider.
  3. Bamboo as a fiber is very strong and flexible hence, appropriate for all types of buildings and various structures like bicycles.
  4. Bamboo is a light yet strong building material.
  5. The composition of the fibers that make up bamboo make it easy to cut and handle hence, bamboo can be easily modified.

Bamboo Bike Facts

  1. Bamboo bikes are recyclable, organic, sustainable and non-polluting
  2. Bamboo bikes help reduce carbon emission up to 70 percent as well as help the environment avoid the nearly 5kg emission of carbon dioxide (C02) emissions most bicycles with steel frames produce.
  3. Bamboo bicycles have light frames that deepen vibrations much better than carbon frames.

Advantages of Bamboo Bicycles frames

  • Made from renewable and an easily sustainable material
  • They can be lightweight hence easy to ride and go fast with on the road.
  • Bamboo bicycles are an easy Do It Yourself (DIY) project – any skilled craftsman person can customize the diameter of the bamboo tubes to fit the needs of a bike.
  • Bamboo is easier to work in comparison to steel or aluminum
  • Bamboo bikes look good and very stylish plus they are one of a kind
  • Bamboo bikes are great for absorbing road vibrations way better than any other materials
  • Bamboo bicycles have more energy than carbon or steel bikes

What’s stopping the Bamboo Bicycles from Shooting into the Mainstream?

While bamboo bicycles are sustainable, practical and clearly have an array of benefits to them; they may take a long while before they can become the next big thing. The first Bamboo bicycles made its debut in the market in 2007 and were founded by David Ho and John Mutter. Though this has been nearly 10 years ago, bamboo bicycles haven’t yet made a big hit into the world, why?

Bamboo is a very strong material hence ideal for construction. However, it is also very springy this makes bamboo bicycles not very rigid, they may warp and bend when your ride them over time hence, these bikes have a much shorter lifespan that carbon or steel. Other than that, bamboo bikes are fairly expensive this is due to the fact it takes longer to build a bamboo bike than a normal bike (about 35-40 hours).

All in all, bamboo bicycles are a thrilling experience, sure enough, they may not be for everyone but they could be a perfect option for some people. The only way to know for sure is to try riding a bamboo bike and find out for yourself.

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